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Reduce Your Environmental Toxic Burden!
Virus, Bacteria, Allergens, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Pharmaceuticals
Removed From Your Indoor Air, Surfaces and Drinking Water!
Peace of Mind Protection for Your Home and Office!


About Us:

EnviroMed Sciences, was founded out of frustration for the increasing and often unregulated burden of environmental toxicants affecting health and longevity. And our sense of contribution to the solution.

We are all bombarded every-day, with toxins of known health concern in our air, water, surfaces, food and electromagnetic fields. We recognized the need for “real science based solutions” to provide protection and peace of mind from environmental toxins often too small to see, taste or smell.

The problem is, when we see nothing, we do nothing! However, we now know the source of many of our current health challenges stem from the “invisible menace” that is the increasing “bio-accumulation of environmental toxins”.

Your body is the filter for toxins in your environment. You must now pro-actively fight to protect yourself and those you care about, from the thousands of environmental toxins we breathe every day in our air, and drink in our water, and encounter on surfaces we touch.

EnviroMed Sciences, is committed to finding and developing the most effective, science based solutions, to lighten our environmental toxic burden. In ways that are cost effective, easy to use, and safe for our environment. While providing peace of mind and protection for the health and longevity of those we love. Our message is simple…Don’t be toxic, don’t get sick, live well, live long and prosper!

Mission Statement:

It is our mission to become the leader in providing science based, best in class solutions to the “bio-accumulation of environmental toxicants” affecting health and longevity.

We will operate at a profit. Providing pro-active solutions for reducing toxic burden in ways that are easy, cost effective, and provide a positive environmental impact.

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  • Certified Space Technology
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Health Hero Alliance
  • Top Doctor GPO
  • Doctor's Funding Group

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